Real Estate Headlines from a Winter Wonderland

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In the Northeast this weekend we were treated to a bit of snow. Ok, it was quite a bit of snow and I was reminded that it’s not even officially winter yet. So for those ready to gloat about living in milder regions save yourself the trouble and stuff your cap with your weekly dose of real estate headlines:

As I dream of balmier settings, this list from Forbes of the 20 most expensive seasonal rentals for Christmas and New Year’s has brought me back to reality.

In New York City multi-generational housing trend is picking up significant steam.

Don’t be a Scrooge. Check out our picks of holiday gifts for the new homeowners on your list.

Is Wall Street looking to capitalize on the American Dream of homeownership?

What is a “qualified mortgage?” The HUD has released the official definition.

What are the growing trends homeowners are looking for to create a home that’s an oasis?

Solar panels are having an effect on home resale prices in California.

Take a peek inside Drake’s $7.7 million YOLO estate.

Housing Wire Mag says you should buy a house before 2014.

And finally, with winter seemingly here and more snow sure to come here are instructions for building a snowboard half pipe in your backyard.

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