Real Estate Headlines: Smart Home Edition

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This week we’re dedicating a ton of content to focusing on the best in smart home technology. As spring looms around the corner and more sellers look to put their homes on the market, you might find buyers are a bit more interested in homes that feature smart home tech. So let’s get things started with your weekly dose of real estate headlines.

Anyone with a pet knows a house is not a home without our furry friends. The Tagg Tracker is a GPS system attached to your dog’s collar so owners can keep a close eye on their pet – even from afar.

Forbes shares some ideas on how to ride the smart home wave.

Smart home doorknobs? Google wants to patent them.

Doorbells are becoming the eyes and ears of the smart home.

Can technology redefine the future of beauty and makeup in your bedroom?

Should we start worrying about home hacking?

Time has an article about everything you want to imagine Apple is working on for smart home tech.

Samsung has done it. They’ve built the first smart home for dogs.

You want a 4K TV? Of course you do. Here’s the excuse you need to get one.

And finally, Ikea has a new furniture set that will charge your phone wirelessly. Chances are you still have to put it together with an allen wrench.

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