Real Estate Headlines with Derek Jeter, The Flinstones and Dubai

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Twas the week of Christmas and all through house, not a package was wrapped and your freaking out. Before panic sets in and Christmas dinner is cooked, here are some weekly real estate headlines you shouldn’t overlook.

Happy holidays to you and your home and thanks for making 2014 our best year yet on the Coldwell Banker Blue Matter blog. Now for the headlines:

The Motley Fools wants you to please stop making these home buying mistakes.

Guess who’s buying up property in Dubai like it’s going out of style?

Dick Clark’s Flinstones inspired home has been sold by Coldwell Banker agent, Diane Carter.

What are the cities with the largest homes?

Forbes shares 10 hot real estate markets to watch in 2015.

Take a look at the most incredible video in real estate this year.

Bigger Pockets shares 25 tips for smarter real estate investing.

Can you guess how much America’s housing market is worth? Hint: it’s in the trillions.

Derek Jeter may have just bought a house in a place you’ve never heard of: Skaneateles Lake, NY.

And finally, Gawker says, “rents are going up suckas.”

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