Redecorate or Downsize your ’empty nest’ after the kids have left for college?

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So the kids are off to college and your left with empty nest syndrome and an empty bedroom.

An empty bedroom that is the perfect redecorating/remodeling project that can be turned into a guest room, an office, a study or your own personal space to catchup  on all your crafty Pinterest projects.

Preplanning is necessary.

There are many factors to take into consideration such as:

  1. STYLE: decide on a style that fits your current home and lifestyle; Traditional, contemporary, minimalist?
  2. DIY project vs Hiring an Expert?
  3. RESEARCH: What are the latest home trends, gadgets (such as voice assistants) or colors in style?
  4. BUDGET: how much do you want to spend on this project? How much will it cost?

Doing some research and homework before you start tearing down walls can help you save some time and money in the long run.


The kids are gone and even though they come to visit for the holidays, you still feel like the upkeep and maintenance that a big house requires is too much of a hassle.

A more practical and less busy lifestyle is what suits you best now and that means downsizing from a five bedroom to a three bedroom home. Downsizing to less square footage not only lessens your time spent cleaning, but it may also give your wallet some room for an extra vacation in the year. The market is doing great now and there are a lot of great homes to choose from out there.

So, whether you decide to redecorate and update your current home or buy a smaller, more intimate house with just enough space for the two of you, remember that your home is your investment. It is important to keep in mind that whatever projects you have planned for your home add value to it. There are so many great project ideas out there and you now have the opportunity to start anew whether it be updating your current home or moving into a new one!

Don’t think ‘empty nest,’ think ‘new improved nest.’

Lerner Realty Solutions congratulates all the graduates of 2017 and  wish you all the best!



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