Simple Steps for Cleaning Your Deck

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The request has already been made in my home that the deck be cleaned before we start having company over for cookouts. Besides dusting off the outdoor furniture and hosing down the table and chairs, most homeowners don’t think about cleaning their deck other than when you first bring the stuff out from the basement or garage.

Just yesterday I got what was possibly the most timely email from a company. The folks over at Handyman Matters sent me an email with “How to Keep Your Deck Clean” in the subject line. Now that’s timing because just last night I was reminded that it was on my “honey-do” list for this weekend.

The most interesting tip for me was that they recommend getting a cover for your deck umbrella. If you have an umbrella for your deck table you know how dirty that thing can get over time and how ridiculous is to clean. But if you had a cover for it, kind of like a cover for your car or golf clubs, then you’re preserving it from the day to day elements and only unveiling it when company comes over. So smart.

Handyman Matters also recommends cleaning off the deck on a weekly basis. Right after you mow the lawn is a good time to schedule that since you’re already working outside. Maintaining your deck this way will help it last longer while also looking great.

Click here to see the full list of deck cleaning tips from Handyman Matters and good luck to you if you’ll be prepping the deck for summer activities like me this weekend.

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