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Remember when turning the lights on in the house was as simple as walking in a room and flipping the switch? After visiting CES in January, I found out how dated that idea has become. These days, lights do so much more than illuminate a room. They play music, boost your WiFi, change colors based on the activity in the room – and that’s only the beginning. Find out why these innovative lighting products will make any smart home even brighter.

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Sengled Pulse Smart Bulb – It may look like a pretty average light bulb, but don’t be fooled – there’s a speaker hiding in there. Simply screw the bulb into your existing lamp socket, pair with your Sengled Pulse Master bulb and download & install the app. You’re able to stream music and regulate lighting at the same time, which is the perfect combination for entertaining or setting the ambiance for a special dinner.

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Lutron Maestro Wireless – One of the most surprising things I learned about smart home technology was just how affordable it can actually be. This advanced lighting system allows you to control your lights, motorized shades and even the temperature in your home – all from your mobile device. The products are less than $100, yet their capabilities are impressive. For example, hit “morning,” and the lights will turn on to a certain brightness level, shades will rise, and your room adjusts to your ideal temperature. We bet this makes early mornings just a little bit more pleasant!

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Philips Hue– Hue allows you to control lighting by mood or activity. Beyond just brightening and dimming, Hue gives you the opportunity to spice things up with fun, funky colors. With more than 230 apps, Philips Hue can sync lights to music, which is pretty much guaranteed to take dance parties to a whole new level.

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Belkin WeMo LED Lighting Starter Set – If you’re still on the fence about the whole idea of making your home smarter, this simple starter set is a great way to experience the basic perks. You’ll be able to turn lights off-and-on from anywhere, create schedules and match lighting to your mood. Eventually you can graduate to the complete Belkin home automation system and trick out your entire house.

Check out our full list of smart home products that matter most to home buyers, and let us know in the comments below what you’d like to add to your own home!

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