Want to give mom more than just flowers this Mother’s Day?

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Give her a view to admire! This upcoming Mother’s Day, don’t just give, invest on a landscaping project that will raise her home value and continue to improve for years to come. Landscape the backyard into her own retreat space to enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of tea along with a really good book. A beautifully designed landscaped yard is …

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10 Cleaning Tips That Will Make You a Rockin’ Backyard Party Host

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Make your home sparkle with these quick cleaning tips from The Maids By Lindsay Listanski If you’re crossing your fingers for your backyard bash to be a success, don’t worry. At The Maids, we’ve prepped for plenty a party, and we’ve partnered with Coldwell Banker to show you that all it takes is a little planning and a nice quick …

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Backyard Living: Creating the Perfect Outside Living Area

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By Tiffany Aller  Backyard living is a fabulous opportunity, but can take a bunch of sweat equity to realize. Is your backyard a welcoming oasis or a less-than-promising place where tall weeds swallow children, toys, and anything else that ventures by? Rather than thinking of your backyard as a separate place or just one more piece of property you need …

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The Ultimate Guide to Winning the Battle Against Mosquitoes

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Shoo fly don’t bother me By Lindsay Listanski One of the ultimate buzz kills of a backyard BBQ is having party crashing, ankle biting, blood sucking mosquitoes as your “uninvited guests”. In addition to leaving their gift of an itchy bite in the most uncomfortable and hard to reach places their bites also leave a possibility of disease transmission. Take …

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3 Steps Every Pet Owner Should Take on July 4th

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Follow these three steps to avoid a stressful and potentially dangerous day for your four-legged friend. By Lindsay Listanski More dogs go missing on July 4 than any other day of the year.  –Dogtime If pets could pick the one day they dread most (aside from their annual check up), chances are they would pick the Fourth of July. Follow these …


Backyard Summer Camp

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By Sam Shalom For kids around the country, the time is finally here – school is out for summer!  However, for parents, the thought of having to keep their young ones entertained and happy the whole summer can become like another full time job.  Sending your children to camp for the summer can get expensive quickly, so why not set …