Want to give mom more than just flowers this Mother’s Day?

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Give her a view to admire! This upcoming Mother’s Day, don’t just give, invest on a landscaping project that will raise her home value and continue to improve for years to come. Landscape the backyard into her own retreat space to enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of tea along with a really good book. A beautifully designed landscaped yard is …

Essential Nursery Room Ideas

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Designing a nursery is exciting! As you begin to plan for your new baby’s space, consider some of these nursery room ideas to give you a head start on designing and decorating. Choosing the Right Room for Baby Choosing a room that will become your nursery may be an obvious choice or an agonizing decision. Whether you have a few …

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The Future of the Laundry Room

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While most of us hope that the future of the laundry room involves a robotic butler to sort, wash and fold for us, the modern-day improvements to the laundry room featured at CES 2015 have taken at least some of the dirty work out of chores for us. At Home Dry Cleaning There were two at-home clothing cleaning systems that …

Real Estate Headlines with Apocalypse Chic, Swamp of Doom and the Gilded City

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Merry New Year! It’s 2015 and everything just feels new. Resolutions are being made so I’m making one too. I resolve to share your weekly dose of real estate headlines every Monday. Here’s me keeping my resolution for at least the first week of the year. Gawker takes a look at the worst building in the Gilded City. It appears …