Want to give mom more than just flowers this Mother’s Day?

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Give her a view to admire! This upcoming Mother’s Day, don’t just give, invest on a landscaping project that will raise her home value and continue to improve for years to come. Landscape the backyard into her own retreat space to enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of tea along with a really good book. A beautifully designed landscaped yard is …

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10 Cleaning Tips That Will Make You a Rockin’ Backyard Party Host

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Make your home sparkle with these quick cleaning tips from The Maids By Lindsay Listanski If you’re crossing your fingers for your backyard bash to be a success, don’t worry. At The Maids, we’ve prepped for plenty a party, and we’ve partnered with Coldwell Banker to show you that all it takes is a little planning and a nice quick …

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Back to School: Tips for Creating a Morning Routine

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By: Lindsay Listanski  “School Year’s Eve” can be a tough night for families. It is a rude awakening that another summer has passed and the countdown until summer vacation has been reset. Our best advice for a smooth transition…be a fan of the plan. Remove the chaos from getting ready for school each morning by creating a routine and staying …

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9 Budget Friendly Ideas to Brighten Up Your Kitchen

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Giving your kitchen a sweet upgrade doesn’t have to cost a fortune. By: Lindsay Listanski Your kitchen is your place of inspiration and creativity — it’s the space you use to be imaginative, to take risks, to try new things. It’s difficult to feel that adventurous rush to dream up recipes and try out new things if your surroundings are …

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Backyard Living: Creating the Perfect Outside Living Area

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By Tiffany Aller  Backyard living is a fabulous opportunity, but can take a bunch of sweat equity to realize. Is your backyard a welcoming oasis or a less-than-promising place where tall weeds swallow children, toys, and anything else that ventures by? Rather than thinking of your backyard as a separate place or just one more piece of property you need …


Tricks for perking up summer steaks

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In terms of summer rituals, grilling fat steaks over hot coals is one of the best. On a warm California afternoon, San Francisco chef Louis Maldonado and I are doing just that. Wreathed by smoke and dappled with sunshine, I’m learning some tricks from the chef. Grilling is his preferred way of cooking on his days off, and steaks – …

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3 Smart Cover Plates to Add To Your Home Today

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So simple but so smart! By Lindsay Listanski  It’s rare that products we find in the home tech space are $20 or less. These three products are affordable, innovative and worth every cent! SnapPower USB Charger  This product was a Kickstart mega hit and raised over $839,301! Add a USB port without having to touch a single wire! Anyone else …

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9 DIY Welcome Mats to Add Instant Charm to Your Porch

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Like a smiling face, a charming porch makes a great first impression. By Lindsay Listanski According to our friends at Hometalk, the quickest and least expensive way to increase that charm is by adding an easy DIY doormat. Try one of these 9 sweet welcome mats, to increase your home’s curb appeal, and help your front porch leave a winning …