Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas to Set the Scene

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All the best Thanksgiving decoration ideas should add some warmth, class, and personality to your home. When your family and friends gather at your table for roasted turkey and fresh-baked pumpkin pie, give the meal some festive flair with creative seasonal decor. Here are a few ideas to try this Thanksgiving.

Say Thanks with Chalk

Chalkboard signs can work in a number of different ways (you can use them to write quotes or count down to a family member’s birthday, for example), but why not put a Thanksgiving twist on this decor classic? Grab a large white platter and apply a layer of chalkboard paint in the center. Write a message of thanks and display it as a centerpiece on your Thanksgiving table.

Dress Up Your Napkins

Thanksgiving decoration ideas should elevate an ordinary meal into a festive feast. One way to do this is by working napkins into your table decor. You can easily turn an everyday cloth napkin into something special by incorporating an ear of Indian corn. Use a braided cord to tie the corn to the napkin and set it atop a plate. Don’t stop there, though; there are several creative ways to use Indian corn in your Thanksgiving decor.

Fancify a Bowl of Fruit

Thanksgiving isn’t all about gourds. Fruit can also add a festive touch to your holiday table. Bring all the rich colors of fall to your tabletop by displaying pears and apples in a pretty bowl. Take them to the next level by adding some elegant sparkle. By applying adhesive decals in silver, bronze, and gold, you have some chic decor for Thanksgiving.

Bring Acorns Indoors

Here’s a decor idea that puts autumn front and center on your holiday table: acorn votives. You can easily create festive votives by layering acorns around candles in vases. But before you go and round up some acorns from your yard and start placing them in vases, check out this quick primer on how to dry acorns for fall crafts.

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving at your home this year, take some time to add some special decor elements. Many ideas are simple to put together and will go a long way towards creating a festive scene for one of the most festive seasons of the year.

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