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Your refrigerator may be getting more cluttered than usual this time of year as friends, family and acquaintances send you photo cards for the holidays that adorn your fridge door. Chances are you local real estate agent might also be sending you a card, a calendar or some gift to make you remember them. But I’m willing to bet none of you are getting a card like the one Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage agent, Jessica Edwards from Wilmington, NC, is sending this year.

Jessica has been a huge advocate of using video to help inform her clients of what’s going on in the local market and has been an industry leader in video for quite some time, but this just might be her best video yet. For her Christmas card, she created a lip-sync version of Mariah Carey’s Christmas classic All I Want for Christmas is You.

As you watch the video above know that the people you see in it are not paid dancers or lip syncers. They’re simply co-workers and friends of Jessica that volunteered their time to help her out. That’s the kind of network that Jessica Edwards has. I’m not sure how many of my friends would volunteer for something like this. Come to think of it none of them would because they can’t dance…at all.

In any case, I’m sure this video will brighten up your day and kudos to Jessica for sending a memorable card this holiday season.

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