The Cutest Baby Nurseries

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The arrival of a baby is probably one of the most exciting things in the entire universe. Before he or she comes you’re understandably overwhelmed with all kinds of preparation that will ultimately ensure that your baby is as safe and happy as possible.

Included in baby prep is completing the nursery. It’s a crazy feat because decorating for someone you’ve yet to meet can be a little scary. The way I see it, your nursery should be an equal reflection of both mommy and baby.

Here are 10 very different but equally stunning design inspirations that will hopefully guide you or someone you know that is expecting along their design journey.

This is a unique nursery because one doesn’t often see this sort of crib placement.

The perfect nursery for a princess in the making.

A great neutral nursery for either a boy or a girl.

The frames on the wall are an original way to decorate. This nursery is very vintage chic.

Certainly the most luxurious nursery I’ve ever seen.

A bohemian style baby nursery that is also very gender neutral.

This nursery does a beautiful job as using wallpaper and a statement chandelier to make the room pop.

A very simple nursery.

Again, the use of wallpaper takes this room to the next level.

This nursery is would be perfect for any little gentleman.

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