The Latest Must Have Kitchen Gadgets for Summer

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Ahh, summer is almost upon us. And to me summer is all about backyard barbecues and fun. Spruce up your routine with these latest must have gadgets that will be a perfect addition to your favorite kitchen line-up of products. I think each and every one of these things is unique and can really serve a purpose as well as make your life easier. Check them out below.

1. A 3-Tier Stacked Glass Drink Dispenser

Looking for a pretty way to serve drinks at your parties this summer? Try this glass stacked beverage server. Three different sections means you can serve three different drinks without taking up a ton of space. (The Kitchn)

2. Catch That Cap!

There are several ways to open a beer bottle but where do those bottle caps end up? Flung across the floor, someone’s forehead, trapped between the couch cushions? This clever device opens the bottles and catches the caps until you decide to release the prisoners by removing the flexible base to make room for more victims. (Yanko Design)

3. 3890 Digital Scale with Measuring CupThe most accurate measuring cup measures by weight, not volume, for precise results. (Taylor)

4. Corn Griller Basket

Designed to grip four ears of corn in its steel frame, this handy basket makes it easy to maneuver and flip one of summer’s favorite vegetables. Long handle keeps hands from the heat source.

5. Breaking Bad Cutting Board

If you’re a fan of the show Breaking Bad, like I am, this amazing cutting board needs no description.

6. Chef’n

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