The Results are in: “I Wish My Home Had a_____”

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pool 300x168 The Results are in: I Wish My Home Had a

The results are in!

We want to thank all of our great Twitter followers who responded to our question, “I Wish My Home Had A_______.” The amount of feedback was astounding and the responses were quite interesting. One of the best parts of owning a home is definitely getting to dream up how to “make it your own.” There are no limitations to how far one can go to make a home unique! (Unless you have a money tree in your backyard, which just so happened to be on some people’s wishlist)

After calculating all of the replies, the numbers reveal that 26% of respondents wish their home had a pool. We totally understand why. A pool is where countless memories are made with family and friends. We also realize a pool would definitely come in handy during the summer’s heat wave that seems to have engulfed the country. For all who dream of pools, check out our Stunning Swimming Pools Pinterest board to admire and use as inspiration for your pool hopes.

7% of respondents stated they wish they could have a home with an incredible view. Who could blame them?!

In third place with 6% of the total vote, many stated that they wish a maid would frequent their home. We can’t blame you, that would be amazing! (Goodbye dusting, laundry, and mopping!)

Furthermore, many wished their mortgage was paid in full (no surprise)

Another popular response to the question, “I Wish My Home Had A____” was a money tree. We hate to be masters of the obvious…but money doesn’t grow on trees. If we are incorrect in stating this fact, we would be more than happy to be told otherwise.

Outdoor kitchens were also a hot topic, so we’ve provided some gorgeous ones that we’re sure you will love.

While these latter responses may seem almost predictable there were some people who wished their home had  interesting things we definitely didn’t see coming. Some tweeted they wished their homes were prepared for the zombie apocalypse. Luckily, we at Coldwell Banker are zombie enthusiasts and have already covered how to prepare your home for when ugly monsters do decide to conquer. Other odd requests included: a laboratory, moat, storm shelter, a wife, helipad, and a greenhouse. Perhaps the most odd request we got… “I wish my home had a Justin Bieber.” Yup, not something we could help with.

We want to thank everyone, once again, for participating. If you haven’t already, follow us on Twitter for more questions like this one.

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