The Ultimate First Time Homebuyers Guide

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CB 1Homebuyers Guide House with Magnifying glass The Ultimate First Time Homebuyers Guide

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Taking the step from renter to homeowner is one of the most empowering and memorable moments in a person’s life. Before investing savings and committing to a mortgage agreement, however, it’s important to thoroughly inspect the home you want to buy and to understand the extent and cost of renovations it may need.

This resource guide, compiled by a team at The Home Depot, is designed to assist first-time homebuyers through the process of evaluating a home’s condition and understanding some of the most common repairs and renovations a house may require. The guide spans topics that include foundations, roofing, plumbing, heating and cooling and the electrical system.

What to Look For During Your Home Inspection

From the foundation to the roof to the electrical system, understand the basics during your walkthrough.Click Here

1. Is the home structurally secure?

DIY Home Inspector Checklist: 25 Places to Watch
Before signing a contract, look out for the most common (and costly) problems. Click Here

Six Signs that the Home Could Be a Lemon
Look out for common signs of hidden major problems. Click Here

Signs of Foundation Problems to Look Out For
A home without a solid foundation can be a serious money pit. Click Here

How to Assess the Severity of a Home Foundation Problem
Notice cracks or fissures? Evaluate the extent of the damage before proceeding. Click Here

Identifying Termites and Termite Damage
These pests can be tough to eradicate, and they can literally eat you out of house and home. Click Here

Look Out for Mold and Moisture
Established mold can affect your family’s health and require extensive renovations. Click Here

How to Inspect Vinyl Siding
Vinyl is affordable and attractive, but can hide damage underneath. Click Here

2. Do You Have a Solid Roof Over Your Head?

CB 2 Homebuyers Guide Roof The Ultimate First Time Homebuyers Guide

Evaluate the Condition of the Roof
From curling shingles to buckling, roof issues may be part of your negotiation process. Click Here

Seven Signs That You Need a New Roof
Look out for these common issues atop your new home. Click Here

How to Find (and Fix) Leaks in a Roof
Don’t be caught off-guard by the first rainstorm in your new home. Click Here

How to Replace a Roof – VIDEO
Understand what it takes to repair and replace your new home’s roof. Click Here

3. Big Ticket Plumbing Issues to Inspect

CB 3 Homebuyers Guide Rusty Pipe The Ultimate First Time Homebuyers Guide

Home Plumbing Inspection Checklist
Get the big picture of how water flows through the home. Click Here

How to Check for Hidden Leaks in Your Home’s Plumbing System – VIDEO
Are your pipes watertight? Click Here

Warning Signs of a Water Leak In …read more

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