This is Where Home Begins

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No place has a better story than home. It begins with the first turn of the doorknob, but stays with us long after we’ve moved on and locked the door behind us.

If the walls of your home could talk, what stories would they tell? Mine might share tales of the annual 4th of July barbecue on our large back porch. Beyond the tall oaks that line the backyard is the perfect view of the local firework display. Perhaps my home would divulge that Grammy’s famous pumpkin bread recipe was perfected in the bright family kitchen. Or maybe it would divulge that the grand foyer staircase makes for the ultimate prom picture backdrop.

Our homes play an important role in the storybook of our lives, so shouldn’t they be treated like a main character? The newly redesigned does just that. Connecting buyers, sellers and agents like never before, the new Coldwell Banker

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