Tips for Tasteful American Decor in Your Home

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Proud Philly residents know that the Declaration of Independence was finally signed in Philadelphia in August, 1776, a month after independence from Great Britain was declared on July 2. (Congress approved the Declaration’s final text on July 4, giving us our holiday.) With that heritage, it’s little wonder the city’s locals celebrate with American decor in their homes.

If you also enjoy having an American theme running through your home, keeping things tasteful is important. Painting a huge US flag on your living room wall isn’t very subtle or classy, but there are ways to capture the essence of the Fourth of July and America’s independence in your home decor without pushing the boundaries of good taste. Show your friends you’re a proud patriot with these creative interior decorating tips.

Use the Couch as Your Canvas

If you have a white or light-colored sofa, you have a perfect canvas for paying homage to America’s independence. Purchase some solid red and blue throw pillows to put on the couch for a subtle and understated patriotic touch. You can also opt for striped cushions to mimic the stripes of the American flag.

Stars and Lights

The US flag shows 50 stars representing the 50 states, so one idea for American decor is to create a starred light scene in your living room to tastefully and creatively reflect the stars on the flag. Retailers sell specialized light fixtures that illuminate patterns and shapes—choose one that projects the image of stars into a corner of the room when you turn down the main lights. The great thing about this idea is that you can turn the starry light scene on and off whenever you’d like, whether it’s on July 4 as the fireworks brighten the sky outside, or each night throughout the month of July.

Liberty Bell

Another proud Philadelphia icon …read more

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