Top 5 Curb Appeal Boosters for Spring

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Spring in Texas means bluebonnets, frequent rain showers that leave behind beautiful green lawns, and the most pleasant temperatures all year. For spring this year, try out some of these five curb appeal boosters that will leave your home shining in its best light.

Trim Shrubs and Trees

Many experts swear by trimming shrubs and trees in the fall, before the onset of winter. However, it may be better to wait until spring. In the fall, your shrubs will turn dormant and your trees barren after shedding leaves. This can make it tricky to tell where best to trim back your plants. Come spring, you can see the areas that have withered over the winter and trim accordingly. Neatening trees and shrubs is a great first step toward boosting your curb appeal.

Annual Color with Annuals

Annual flowers, like begonias, marigolds, and zinnias, can instantly brighten your yard and boost your curb appeal. Here are some ways to add them to your home and get a lot of aesthetic value out of a really inexpensive project.

  • Hang a small pot — or several small pots — of flowers around your front porch or as a framing in your doorways and garage doors. Using several pots can give an even and well-planned-out appearance to your home.
  • Plant annuals in front of or around your trees and shrubs. Most trees and shrubs are various shades of green, and the color pops from annuals can brighten your entire yard.
  • Create a new yard border using annuals. Think of annuals as the next generation of a white picket fence — an enchanting way to mark off your property line while adding visual appeal.

Grab a Gallon of Paint

A little paint can go a long way toward sprucing up your home’s curb appeal. You don’t need to plan a massive project to re-paint all of your siding and trim to realize a boost in value. Instead, choose a few areas to brighten with paint. Consider these potential projects.

  • Repaint your front door. Whether your front door’s paint has simply faded over time, was bland to begin with, or is showing the effects of aging and weather damage, this is a fairly quick-hit project to brighten your home. You can even try a new color to change the entire feel of your home’s design.
  • Paint window and door trim. White paint can become dingy over time. This spring, refresh that paint or choose a different accent color to give your home a pop of pizzazz.
  • Paint roof trim. Whether you paint the road-facing trim around your roof, or freshen the underside of your soffits, this can instantly brighten your appeal.

Two Ways to Make Your Home Easy to Find

Two very simple and inexpensive ways to up your home’s appeal revolve around making your home easier to find. First, think about replacing or updating your house number. Use decorative metal numbers that can be found inexpensively at a big box retailer to add these numbers to your home. You can also add house numbers to the roadside curb, giving another easy way for others to find your home. The second way to inexpensively boost your home’s curb appeal while making it easier to find is swapping out your mailbox for one that is newer, more decorative, or custom-designed for your home.

Treat your wallet gently while using these inexpensive and quick-to-implement home improvement ideas this spring as you boost your home’s curb appeal — and enhance its overall value.



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