We Believe in Father’s Day

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Here’s to dad and all the magical things that come with him.

Here’s to playing catch in the backyard and jumping on him while he’s still in bed. Here’s to that time he tried to cook dinner when mom was gone and all the junk food he let you eat instead.

Here’s to the snoring when he falls asleep on the couch. Here’s to the father who can echo your name from any corner of home which could mean you’re either in trouble or it’s time to go. Here’s to dads at the kitchen table for homework time and the rides home from whatever sport, lesson or sleepover you’re coming from.

Here’s to the most famous real estate related quote about dad when the words were uttered in every house that you should “Wait until your father gets home!

Here’s to his laying claim of the remote and that favorite spot on the couch or a special chair for his throne. Here’s to the dad who know how wrestle in the family room and break up a skirmish in the yard.

Here’s to dad’s cutting the lawn and cleaning the gutters or squashing bugs on the kitchen floor. Here’s to the father who watches over you when your sick and spoils you when you’re well. Here’s to the traditions made by dad in your home that still remains now that you have one of your own.

Here’s to dad’s driving lessons in the driveway and bike riding training down the block. Here’s to dad’s who act as your home’s amateur plumber, IT guy and official dog walker. Here’s to the bear hugs, the talking-to’s and public displays of affection that you once spurned but in hindsight causes you to love him more.

Here’s to the dad in your home and the special day we reserve for him.

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