What To Do BEFORE Moving Into a New Home

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Woo Hoo! You bought a house!

After the home buying process is officially over, many homeowners start packing up their old residence and preparing for the big move. But before loading all the furniture, clothing and furnishings into a new home, individuals may want to make subtle changes for either aesthetic or safety purposes.

Making these slight alterations before moving in may facilitate the process and help homeowners avoid these changes after they’re already settled.

Change Locks to Strengthen Security Measures

One of the first moves new homeowners should make is changing the locks to their new home. Although previous owners will be required to give up their keys, neighbors, family members and friends may still have extra copies. New locks and keys are an inexpensive way new owners can protect their investment. In addition, it’s also important to run a security check to ensure all window locks are functioning properly.  Homeowners may also feel comfortable installing an alarm system to maximize their protection.

Adequate security doesn’t only involve locks, but also alert systems. New homeowners should make sure their fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are installed with fresh batteries and operate properly.

Paint and Replace Flooring If Needed

Homeowners who plan on making simple changes that may cover a wide area, such as stripping the floors or painting a room, may want to do so before they move all their furniture in. This can help them avoid the hassle of being forced to move all their objects twice to complete the project. In addition, these types of projects, especially removing wallpaper, can be extremely messy and completing them beforehand allows homeowners to protect their items from paint, dust or damage. Believe me, you will thank yourself for doing this!

Cover Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations Early

Similar to replacing flooring, homeowners can escape the inconvenience of …read more

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