What To Expect During a Real Estate Walk Through (For Sellers and Buyers)

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Guest Blog Post by Cara Ameer


One of the last pieces that a buyer does before going to closing is to “walk though” the house. What exactly is a walk through and what should happen?

A walk through is the last milestone prior to closing where a buyer visually inspects the property to ensure what they are buying is in substantially the same condition as when they first saw it, and to check on the completion of any negotiated repairs or replacements that were agreed upon to be made.

Everyone has come a long way from contract offer to acceptance, financing, inspections, getting through the appraisal and now one last check before documents are signed and keys are handed over.

Because it is one of the last things prior to closing, it can often be a rushed process as sellers are often hurriedly trying to vacate, etc. This part of the transaction is often the least prepared for and least coached about the proper way to leave a property upon move out:

So, let’s talk about seller and buyer do’s and don’ts:


TIME – Plan ahead and give yourself more time than you think. Plan to be moved out two to three days BEFORE the closing. This will give you some extra time for any last minute things that need to be taken care of. The process often takes longer than what you think.

EMPTY – The house should be completely empty when the buyers walk through. Buyers are expecting to see a totally VACANT house. Empty means empty –nothing lingering behind or in “a don’t know what to do with” pile.

CLEAN – Leave the home THOROUGHLY CLEAN and not just surface level clean. Make arrangements to have the home professionally cleaned once you move out. The buyers will appreciate it and it is one less thing you will have to take care of. This also means having carpets professionally taken care of as well. Don’t forget inside the cabinets and the oven – yes – buyers look inside of that during the walkthrough –even if you last used it a year ago! Things will be that more exposed in a vacant home setting.

UNWANTED ITEMS – Don’t leave unwanted items behind in the garage or attic – those areas seem to be a repository for things like old paint, doors, broken hoses, tires….. if you don’t want them, the buyer likely does not either. Make plans to dispose of these things well in advance of your moving day – especially anything deemed hazardous.

MANUALS – Put all manuals for appliances, controls, etc. in one drawer and gather all keys and remotes and have those in one package for the buyer. Label any keys and where they go – the buyer will appreciate knowing what goes to what doors –especially if all are different. It …read more

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