What’s the New Green?

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In a conversation the other day, a group of us started talking about how the term ‘green’ is so dated. I never thought about it until that moment but had to agree that the term hasn’t evolved much. Inevitably, we all started brainstorming what new term should replace “green” but never found that perfect word or phrase.

The conversation did get me wondering what groundbreaking innovations are taking place in the green space and how they will impact our homes in the future.

Now I’m an ideas person – not an implementer – just the ideas. I love a sitting around trying to unearth a solution to a problem. I also have an appreciation for those minds that go beyond the idea and actually bring it to life.

When I heard about this one new development, it was one of those moments that you say to yourself – how did I not think of that?! But thankfully a team of researchers at the University of Notre Dame did and not me (otherwise it would still be mulling around in my head). This team is taking solar to a mind-blowing level and doing it in such a simple way… paint! Solar paint, to be more precise.

Imagine, when this material is fully developed and ready for mass consumption, how many homes and fences in our neighborhoods are going to get a new paint job! And that paint is going to produce solar energy to power those homes – so cool!

Until that day does come, here’s an article about the difference of eco-friendly paints and traditional paint and a list of eco-friendly paints.

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