Why Home is Our Calling

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Home. It’s a word so powerful, it stirs the heart in all of us.

That’s the start of what we call the Coldwell Banker Brand Promise video which you can watch above, but it’s more than just a poetic line in a beautifully shot film. It’s the core of what we do.

Home is a place, a feeling, a treasure and and a goal for most everyone in the human species. It’s what we long for, what we write songs about and spend the majority of our lives in. For 107 years, it’s also been the purpose of every agent with Coldwell Banker Real Estate.

We believe that our job of helping people fulfill their dream of owning a home is our calling. Sure we’re all in business to make money, but having talked to thousands of Coldwell Banker agents across the globe during my tenure here, I can honestly tell you they love what they do and they will tell you countless stories, not about amazing sales, but about how they love to help people.

While our agents love helping others find home, they are also the ones that know how much home means because they’ve experienced it too. Having just come from our annual international event that we call the Generation Blue Experience in New York City this past week, I met agents from every walk of life reaching the far corners of the globe. From India, Paris, Seattle, Florida, Alabama, Ohio, Turkey and even Jersey, they all know how precious home is because it’s precious to them too.

And that’s why our mission will never waiver. It’s stood the test of more than a century when our founder, Colbert Coldwell, set it in place after he saw those practicing real estate with scrupulous tactics and no regard for the importance of their occupation. Our mission is deliver the treasure of home ownership ethically and honorably. For what we do is not just our job. It is our calling. It is our meaning. It is our truth.

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