Winterizing Your Home: Let It Rain, Let It Drain

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There’s nothing like sitting in your cozy North State home, with something good cooking on the stove while hearing the rain pelting the roof. Knowing that you’re inside, cozy and protected from the elements, is a great feeling. What’s not a great feeling, however, is having your reverie intruded on by concerns about your roof leaking or your yard becoming a lake.

Winterizing your home is important to your peace of mind. So now’s the time to be proactive: If you make sure your roof is in good condition and the rain gutters are working properly before winter sets in, you can rest easy when it rains.

Clean Your Gutters
Ordinarily, in the Redding area, the rainy season begins in October. While it’s still dry outside, make sure your home is water-tight. Having a waterfall poured over your head is not the optimal way to discover that your rain gutters are clogged! Of course, clogged rain gutters cause more damage than just a wet head — if your gutters aren’t cleaned of debris, they won’t carry water away from the eaves of your house. This can lead to dry rot, which is quite costly to repair. Cracked or broken gutters should be repaired or replaced. The area around all downspouts should also be cleared for easy flow of water away from the foundation of your home.

Some subdivisions in the Redding area are located on hilly terrain. These home sites offer fabulous views, but the graduated levels of land often cause issues with water runoff from higher levels onto the lower properties. French drains are typically used for this type of drainage problem, being fairly simple to install and not extremely expensive. To install a French drain, a ditch is dug along the area of water intrusion (usually along the property line that abuts the property above), then lined with gravel and perforated plastic pipe to carry the water to a designated drain, often in the street. Before draining into the street, you should call the City of Redding storm drain utility department to be certain you are in compliance with local requirements.
Get a Roof Inspection

Calling a qualified roofing contractor to inspect the roof of your home can save you money in the long run. A leaking roof can damage wood members and sometimes even the interior of your home. A solid roof can last for many years, if properly maintained. When it comes to roof repair, make sure you work with a professional and that they obtain a permit.

Take these steps now for winterizing your home. Don’t wait and let the downpour get you down!

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