Working with nature is theme of environmental seminar

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Cox is founder of the Grow Company, which specializes in organic vegetable gardens and fruit orchards, and conservation and agricultural property studies.

In conjunction with controlled burns, native wildflower meadows offer food and habitat for songbirds, honeybees, butterflies and other wildlife.

City dwellers might consider planting a vegetable garden or masses of ground cover in lieu of a manicured lawn.

Check for earthworms in the fertile soil beneath a porous compost bin or pile and add them to your garden beds.

Vegetated catch basins can be designed to reduce water consumption and create visual interest.

Invasive plants in Texas include bastard cabbage, Chinese tallow tree, old-fashioned elephant ears and privet.

For best results, dip the cut end into a rooting hormone (available at most garden centers), insert the cutting in a sterile potting mix, and monitor soil moisture and light conditions.

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