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Who knew I might someday walk ON my old sneakers?

We are putting runners on the two sets of stairs in our house. I had absolutely no idea how many choices you have. But that wasn’t the really fun part.

I got all geeked out about the padding that goes under the runner. We chose Step Ahead by Nike. Ok, the minute the salesperson said Nike I was hooked. After all, I’ve been Nike brand loyal ever since my days as the basketball team manager at Syracuse where we got Orange-swooshed Nikes, sweat suits and bags!

I had no idea that Nike had a carpet pad division so I had to explore.

What I found out was fascinating. No, Nike doesn’t have a pad division, but they do have Nike Grind. For the last two decades, Nike has been collecting worn out shoes and recycling them for playgrounds and other uses. Carpet padding is one of them:

“Nike takes top quality, unused shoe scrap and sends it to Future Foam, which converts the scrap into the premium Step Ahead 8 lb. carpet cushion. Enjoy the cushiony comfort of Nike even when you’re barefoot.”

I guess we will adopt “Just Do It” as our family motto as we enjoy the richness of our Sapphire Sarouk Chocolate 26-inch runners to honor the sneakers that went into the padding.

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